Wellness, attitude, stress and lupus

I was just looking over older posts and came across this from June 3. 2011 at: http://lupuschronicles.com/2011/06/03/health-is-more-than-the-absence-of-illness-illnesses/ . I think every now and then, certain topics need revisiting:

It is so true that having a positive attitude, living as stress-free a life as possible and being as healthy as you can be will maximize your health, whatever chronic illness you might have. It is with these 3 things in mind, that I'll address lupus.

How does having a positive attitude affect lupus? I can only speak for myself that a positive attitude does numerous things, the first of which is to 'fool' me into thinking that all is well.

I know darned well that my health has it's challenges, but what good is it to me when I fall for that 'cup half empty' stuff? Sure, I fall every now and then, I'm human; but I have to remind myself to put a statute of limitations on how long I'll stay on my pity pot: Then I need to force myself, or ask others to force me off.

That brings us to living a stress-free life. Stress is a bad thing, we've heard it gives headaches and a multitude of other ailments. There's so much more. A good 75% of all ailments that doctors see in their offices made worse by stress.

They're very real though. Lupus symptoms and flares are often worse in times of stress. The onset of lupus may be directly triggered by stress, too.

For example, the joint pains of lupus may be worse, insomnia and seizures may worsen, the cutaneous effects (especially in sufferers of discoid lupus) may worsen in times of stress. Lupus' characteristic fatigue may be such that getting out of bed (just thinking about it!) is impossible. These are just a few symptoms that may worsen in times of stress.

Finally, be as healthy as possible? But wait, we're already sick. But we can make the choice to be healthy: By that I'm not saying that we can wish ourselves to health and lupus will be a thing of the past.

But we can do what we need to do so we don't fall prey to complications from lupus. Some are unavoidable (lupus nephritis and CNS lupus come to mind), but we can exercise regularly to do all that we can do, so that we don't succumb to cardiac and pulmonary manifestations of lupus that might be controlled with a decrease in weight.

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