Magnesium Deficiency

Several weeks ago, I learned of the importance of magnesium in our diets when I had an extreme muscle cramping/twitching issue. Our bodies don’t manufacture magnesium; but it is essential for many bodily functions. It is used by the bones (approximately, half of the magnesium in the body is found in the bones). Magnesium also helps to control neuromuscular activities of the heart and helps to keep the heart beating regularly. It has many functions.
The video that follows, albeit 10 minutes long, explains the importance of magnesium in our bodies. Not only does Dr. Osborne explain the importance of an adequate amount of magnesium in our bodies, but he spends a good deal of time explaining the signs and symptoms of magnesium deficiency and why they ‘happen:’
To recap: some causes of magnesium deficiency
  • long-term stress
  • diuretics
  • diet
some manifestations of magnesium deficiency:
  • depression (treated with SSRI). (But SSRIs can result in other deficiencies which can cause depression!)
  • vasoconstriction which can cause high blood pressure and migraines
  • bone loss so hormone replacement like estrogen is prescribed (However, estrogens can cause further magnesium deficiency.)
  • muscle spasm, resulting in pain so we take NSAIDs.
  • increases thickness of blood (sludgy blood) so we are at an increased risk of stroke
We have to in treat the CAUSES of magnesium defieiency; not the SYMPTOMS
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