Lupus Facts

The following infographic gives facts about lupus that are generalized and very easy to understand, compliments of Achieve Clinical Research:


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7 thoughts on “Lupus Facts

  1. I’m not so sure I agree with the box at the end “conditions commonly misdiagnosed as lupus” shouldn’t it say “conditions that are commonly misdiagnosed BUT ARE INFACT lupus” ?

    • If I understand what you say, Lizzy, that would be saying that it was a fact that Lyme disease IS lupus, that MS IS lupus and that Fibro IS lupus. There are SYMPTOMS of all three that MIMIC those of lupus; but upon further inspection, they are found to be DIFFERENT diagnoses. For example, both lupus and MS are autoimmune diseases. But lupus triggers a response from the immune system and in MS, the myelin is attacked, though it is not known if it is the immune system that is attacking the myelin. But, they ARE two different diseases. Annie

      • No Annie I think you’ve misunderstood me. I’m completely aware they are separate diseases.

        I mean, lupus patients are often diagnosed as having Fibromyalgia etc only to find out through time that in fact they have Lupus, not the first condition they were diagnosed with.

        What “misdiagnosed as lupus” says is “these patients with Lyme disease etc are told they have Lupus instead of Lyme disease” therefore I feel it should be worded differently.

  2. Lizzy, LOVE the looks and I can almost taste your gravatar! I took a cake decorating class and we dabble in cupcakes for a few weeks; since then, I’ve loved them to the point of EXCESS!

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