Lupus Bible & Norton Protocol Review: Reveals New Holistic Treatment on Curing Lupus

Have you ever waited for that one thing, that one little thing that would really make a  difference in your world? Some time ago, I became aware of and did a bit of research on “The Lupus Bible and Norton Protocol.” Together, they offer a potential treatment and Holistic  cure for lupus. This got me to thinking, “Has this approach been looked into, what is the science behind it, or is it ‘hocus-pocus?’

I quickly dismissed the latter, since Julia Liu, the author, and dietician, was kind enough to send me the file of the science, I have only to say, that the science ‘follows,’ and makes sense from where I sit; and I feel confident in my interpretation of statistics and research. Julia Liu had lupus and was, like the rest of us, barely making it through the day with joint pain, fatigue, weakness and complications. I haven’t read all of her experience and Protocol, but to my understanding, she has no more elevated ESRs, CRP or flares; and other autoimmune markers are gone.

That is the extent of my remembrance of  Julia Liu’s program, but there are many people who have contacted me requesting information about her form of Complementary and Alternative Medicine (CAM)  and this seems to represent something a lot better than snake oil.  The information about the science of it is  on my computer which is at the computer ‘doctor.’ (The computer I use right now is a loaner from their store.  There is a link to Julia Liu’s website and on her website a place to download part of the Protocol (which I highly recommend) and there are other books. Often, we’ve looked or wondered about an ”alternative therapy’ and here one is that is reputable.

I’ll need to look into this and see what it can do for me; please don’t take advice from this blog as your doctor knows you best.

Please read this and check out the link to the right of this article and shoot any questions you may have about this to me on the Contact Form. I’ll make sure that Julia Liu answers them; perhaps one time I can persuade her to do a short Q&A sometime.


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