Lupus, meet Skype!

I belong to an ‘online’ support group which is wonderful; but most of the time, people live hundreds, if not thousands of miles away or continents apart. With this obstacle, only so much communication can be meaningful. Then again,  I’d bet there are times, that some of the people I write to feel more supported by total strangers who know what they’re dealing with, than they do feel by friends and family, well-meaning though they may be. There’s truth to the adage about ‘walk a mile in my shoes’ I guess!

It was in that vein, that of only knowing these online friends by their posts, that yesterday, I spoke with one of them using Skype. What a wonderful experience as two total strangers shared experiences with chronic illness. We shared our joys, sorrow, ups, downs and so much more. I’m sure that she left a few things out, as did I; after all, that’s human nature!

That was support at it’s best, when you can look someone in the eye and tell your story and engage in a real discussion and hear some real answers. We’ll talk again, I’m sure, but that feeling was one that you take to the bank.

There’s a flip-side to this, though. What happens when you decide to talk to someone, dial them up; and it’s like a blind date gone bad? I’m sure it happens! Is Skype meant for ESTABLISHED friends and family and I was just lucky that this person and I ‘got along?’ I’m sure studies have been done about that and how you graciously ‘get out’ of a dud conversation. How about, “I’ve got to go, I just remember that I haven’t fed the cat!”

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