It’s a hard habit to break!

Life with a chronic illness is complicated; why do we complicate things further? Complicating the uncomplicated is something that many of us come by easily and becomes habit and I’ll borrow a sentiment expressed in a film:

Some say that habits have a purpose. An example might be the habit of over-eating to feed our self esteem and relieve depression. However, is the weight gain worth the temporary relief of depressive symptoms?

We may entertain the thinking, “Because I need to be hyper vigilant in managing my illness, can’t I go ‘hog wild’ and drink, eat and smoke as much and as often as I’d like?”

Other habits might be overeating or smoking; and the last thing any of us needs or wants is a lecture about why certain habits might not be in our best interests; and you won’t find it here!

But, there’s another way to think about the same situation: Most habits have some risks. If this sounds a bit like the lecture I promised I wasn’t going to give and I’m sorry. But smoking carries with it more than a few risks/complications. The risk of hypertension is increased and because of the hypertension, the risk of coronary artery disease is increased. Also, the nicotine in smoke is a very powerful drug, making smoking a hard habit to break.

If we can’t use habits to cope, how dow we cope? I cope by reading other blogs, helping others from knowledge gained while I was in nursing, listening to music, meditating, imaging a life disease-free. Some cope with a strong faith. They KNOW that “All shall be well, all shall be well, all manner of thing will be well.” Julan of Norwich.

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