Hospital for Special Surgery FB Chat`

I just wanted to send along a final reminder about Hospital for Special Surgery’s upcoming Lupus Facebook Chat, this time hosted in part with Molly’s Fund and the Alliance for Lupus Research. The chat will take place tomorrow,February 25 at 5:30 EST and we hope you and your readers will join us!

To check out the HSS Facebook page please go to: These Facebook chats provide a valuable forum for lupus patients and loved ones to ask questions in real time to an array of medical professionals. The last chat in November reached more than 7,600 people and involved more than 125 participants with questions and comments. So, if you’re going to be home, check HSS Facebook page (which is linked above). The last time, I ‘attended’ one, the rheumatologists and other docs gave valuable information on medications. It sounds like this will be more caregiver issues, but plenty of patients with lupus issues!

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