Health is a “Balancing Act”

Years ago, I was introduced to a new way of thinking about my health. For example, to manage my epilepsy, I had to take medication, but for several other everyday problems (i.e., not being able to sleep, anxiety or stress headaches) I learned that I did not need to 'pop a pill.' I could be in control of some of the outcomes of my health and this gave me a sense of empowerment.

If my doctor said that my blood pressure was running too high, I learned I could do one of two things: take medication to lower it, or I could take control and use age-old methods like meditation, altering my diet and listening to music to lower it. Suddenly I realized that I had a choice. You can only imagine that employing these other techniques had fewer harmful side effects on my body.

Not everything can be managed with music, diet and relaxation, unfortunately; but many things can. These age-old methods ought to be tried first (diet altering, changing our attitude so less cortisol is released into our bloodthe roof could be tried. Then at last resort,  medications could be tried. Who introduced me to these theories and taught me scientific basis for their truth?

Sure, there are conditions that we may have which require that we take medication, but we may need less of that medication if we exercise, eat right or keep our stress level low. Or we have autoimmune diseases and we cannot do anything about having these diseases. However, many, if not most, autoimmune conditions have triggers, often dietary. Empowered patients keep track of their triggers and don’t eat certain food because they know if a headache will occur or a colitis attack/

Dr. Marco De La Cruz was my physician at the time and a group of us learned together. Here is Dr. De La Cruz who has now made quite a name for himself in the field of self-health is the author of a book, “Balancing Act” in which he produces evidence that a mind, body and spiritual approach to maintaining health is probably the best. His website is at one of several Facebook pages is at: and another site at:!our-appraoch/cipy


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