It was that positive outlook!

To borrow a line from the movie, “Pretty Woman:” “Color Me Happy!”? Today marks the day when there’ve been

 hits to this blog.

What would i have done  differently since I ‘started’ my blog 1+ years ago? NOTHING. There was a time when I was going to be unable to blog. People I didn’t know stepped in and offered their guest blogs and one person in particular, Loopylo305, deserves honorable mention for contributions above and beyond the call.

I never cease to wonder and marvel at the people I meet ‘on-line,’ in this place we call cyberspace. I think blogging draws a certain person. Sure, there a bloggers who aren’t my ‘cup of tea,’ but by and large, the blogging world is a close-knit COMMUNITY.

So, thank you my dear followers and thank the blogosphere for making my day!  Thanks, Annie

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