“A Short Course in Brain Surgery”

This blog isn’t taking on a political tone, but now and then I come across something thought-provoking. Too often our way of thinking is governed by political affiliation; not if we think something is right or if it is wrong. Hey, maybe a solution to the high cost of healthcare will come not from Washington, D; rather as we put our heads together and work as a team. After all,  healthcare is too important to tally with an abacus.

I did see this video which gave a ‘spot-on’ analysis about several things I’ve heard. I’ll stop short of giving my analysis of their analysis, but suffice it to say that those of us with chronic illnesses often see health care in different light.

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21 thoughts on ““A Short Course in Brain Surgery”

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  2. Annie,
    Whenever I hear someone say, “They are NOT political”. I remember my favorite quote;
    “You may not be interested in politics, but politics is interested in you.”
    Some disagreement about who first authored that. But I think it’s more relevant today than ever before.
    The government today is very interested in your money, your children, your vote (of course) and very,very interested in what we used to think was our private choices in heath-care, housing, energy use, and many many other things.
    I believe that its not longer possible for us to simply go through life without fighting back, mostly at the local level. School committee elections, state congressional races, Governor and State Secretary of State. These have all become much more personally important to us and its our duty to act.
    Neither the Democrats or the Republicans have proven very trustworthy, I guess this time we will have to think for ourselves.

    • Eek! I didn’t know i said I wasn’t political; au contraire, I’m VERY political, watch the talk shows SUnday AM, listen to radio, read, download books, etc. It’s just for my blog, I chose NOT to make as it’s center focus, a political theme. Half (if not more!) of my family are liberal and don’t talk to me (how’s that for childish?).

      I just chose to use my background in nursing and teaching the healthcare that I know from the perspective of a nurse and perspective of a patient to sift through the literature, decipher it and write about it, because I’m a freelance. Works well for me and because I take so much dang medication, I don’t have the power of the quick enough tongue and wit! I’ll drop by a few political blogs on my next post to your site!

      I’m seeing your pics and loving how freeing they are. You take care and visit often.

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    • I’m glad you enjoy my site, and keep coming back. You may want to follow the sides, and be notified of any new posts. If you have suggestions for articles or topics, please complete the ‘contact nurse Annie’ form at the top and submit it. I will receive the form and write accordingly.

    • Thank you for your comments Ornette. I hope you are able to keep coming back and to leave any suggestions in the ‘contact nurse Annie’ tab And I will receive them.

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