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Several weeks ago, I was poised to write an e-book; I still think the idea is ripe, but, have I done much towards that goal? Nope, she sighed! But, do I have reasons? Yes, in a self-justifying tone, “I have my reasons.” Well, I do; but they’re not obvious ones (like a ‘dog at my homework’ or a flare kept me down).

However I was packing and arranging for a cross-country move. That was stress enoough, as we traveled through high winds, snow and extreme cold. As luck would have it, I found myself in a major flaw: Take your pick. Either lupus or Sjuogren’s!

Late on a Saturday, after unpacking a bit, I began to notice a lot more aches than  before the move and they hadn’t gone away with extra rest and pacing myself some down home, TLC. Quickly, I became miserable; but was it a virus or bacterial problem, Knowing that I had quite a tendency to develop bronchitis, my doc prescribed antibiotics and within a few days I was feeling better.She’d seen me when she withheld antibiotics; not a pretty sight!!

I’m over the ‘creeping crud’, now, but I’ve learned that unless we REALLY take care of our bodies, the stressors can get ‘to us’ and cause much bigger problems. There are many times when stress can’t be avoided, but there are many times when it can. or, we can learn to deal with stress before it ‘deals with us!’ One thing we can do is to build into your lives, one of the many forms of stress reduction visual imagery, relaxation exercises, listening to soft music or progressive muscle relaxation.

Visual imagery is my chosen stress reduction aid, but during the move, And also, needless to say, I had to wait to develop the outlinee of my book. But, dear friends, as soon as I identify a broad topic.

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