Bone Fractures in lupus and other immune diseases

Short post departmemt. I just watched several videos on YouTube (where we all go for health informatIon!!) NOT 😐  The videos I found were more than interesting; both were of interviews with physicians at the meeting of the ACR (American College of Rheumatology) attended by some 15000 members.

One physician spoke of bone fractures and lupus. Were you aware that people with lupus are at an 8 times greater risk for sufferring from bone fractures? That the risk of lupus with kidney disease is more than 10 times? I sure wasn’t; the video:

Then, another physician sampled some 3000 individuals taking plaquenil (hydroxycholorquine). All lupies know of the connection between peripheral field blindness and Plaquenil and the need to have visual field studies every 6 months. Right? Read on! Of 3,000 lupus patients taking plaquenil, 0 suffered from visual field problems which lead to blindness. The blindness resulted was due to other conditions, possibly diabetes or macular degeneration.





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