Bipolar Disorder

Bipolar coordinate system

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Bi Polar disease runs in my family. I am not sure if there is a genetic link, I haven’t really researched it enough to know but I would not be surprised as there are many diseases that affect our mental and physical balance that are genetic. And this is surely one that affects our balance.

The depression leads to pain and when we have other diseases such as the autoimmunes, it turns into a vicious cycle. Pain to depression, depression to more pain. Sometimes you feel as if no one can understand and you can’t get out of it.

There are medications to take and they do help some people, but not everyone, and like every other illness, each person has a different reaction. The only way to find the right medication and even the right dosage is to work with you Doctor. The trouble is that when the depression is in effect, sometimes we don’t want to see anyone, and when we are feeling really well, we see no reason to. We are truly our worst enemies at times.

It helps a lot to become educated and to realize that we really can’t rely on our own feelings. We need help and support. It is nice if we have family that understands. I am fortunate in that sense, almost all of my sisters, and a couple of nieces share this diagnoses. But for those that don’t have family support, it is often hard to find someone willing to listen or that can point you in the right direction to find help.

A good resource are sites like Web Md. They not only provide patient education on treatments, symptoms and reasons why, but they also have links to other sites that provide support for those who suffer from this and many other diseases.

But to some this may seem a wrong place and time to insert this, but my most powerful testimony of healing comes from God. Perhaps you don’t believe, and that is fine, but for those who have faith in the Great Healer, remember that He is and does work miracles.

For the rest of you who would rather rest on earthly works, check out what Web MD has to offer! And for those with faith in God, remember that He grants the abilities to these men and women as well and there is no reason that your miracle can not come from healers that live on earth and practice the medicine that they have learned. God bless!

From Web MD

Symptoms & Types

Bipolar is a complex illness. There are many different symptoms — and several different types — of bipolar disorder. The primary symptoms of the disorder are dramatic and unpredictable mood swings. The various types of bipolar disorder range from mild to severe.


The primary symptoms of bipolar disorder are dramatic and unpredictable mood swings.

Mania symptoms may include excessive happiness, excitement, irritability, restlessness, increased energy, less need for sleep, racing thoughts, high sex drive, and a tendency to make grand and unattainable plans.

Depression symptoms may include sadness, anxiety, irritability, loss of energy, uncontrollable crying, change in appetite causing weight loss or gain, increased need for sleep, difficulty making decisions, and thoughts of death or suicide.


There are several types of bipolar disorder; all involve episodes of depression and mania to a degree. They include bipolar I, bipolar II, cyclothymic disorder, mixed bipolar, and rapid-cycling bipolar disorder.

A person affected by bipolar I disorder has had at least one manic episode in his or her life. A manic episode is a period of abnormally elevated mood, accompanied by abnormal behavior that disrupts life.

Bipolar II is similar to bipolar I disorder, with moods cycling between high and low over time. However, in bipolar II disorder, the “up” moods never reach full-on mania.

In rapid cycling, a person with bipolar disorder experiences four or more episodes of mania or depression in one year. About 10% to 20% of people with bipolar disorder have rapid cycling.

In most forms of bipolar disorder, moods alternate between elevated and depressed over time. But with mixed bipolar disorder, a person experiences both mania and depression simultaneously or in rapid sequence.

Cyclothymia (cyclothymic disorder) is a relatively mild mood disorder. People with cyclothymic disorder have milder symptoms than in full-blown bipolar disorder.

Learn about the bipolar spectrum, what it means, and how bipolar is categorized.  Read the rest at Web MD

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  1. I’m currently reading “72 Hour Hold” by Bebe Moore Campbell. Loosly based on her daughter’s experience bipolar disorder & the family’s journey. It’s a good read so far.

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