Ankle Replacement Update

Regular readers of my blog know that I had ankle replacement surgery last October for osteonecrosis. This post is an update. My husband and I travelled quite a distance for me to have the surgery, then I was in a rehabilitation center out of town for 3 months, and I finally returned home a month ago!

INBONE anile replarmrny

INBONE ankle replacement. This is the picture I took with my cell-phone camera of the x-ray of my ankle replacement.

The other day, when my physical therapist from home care was here, she suggested that I walk outside with her, using only a cane for assistance. “You’ve got to be kidding, I can’t do that, no way, now how!” Obviously she won the’coin toss,’ and we walked from the house to the STOP sign at the end of the street and returned to the house.

I was a bit wobbly (but I didn’t want to show it) and giddy with excitement that I was walking with only the assistance of only a cane. I didn’t hold on to the physical therapist with a death grip, either! Rather, Chloé, the therapist guided me, on the outside chance that I’d get cocky, attempt more than I’m capable of and I’d soon be on the sidewalk! 

My legs felt like jello; you couldn’t see it, but I could sure feel the jiggles! There had to be something really wrong and I was concerned; I guess I really hadn’t paid the right kind of attention to my physical therapist in Chicago, Colorado and my husband when they all said the same thing, “You were down for three months, what do you expect? A full recovery  from major surgery in ONE month?” I finally admitted to a lapse of common sense! 

Pain; the only pain I ever felt, besides the normal post-operative discomfort has been the aches from retraining muscles. The old osteonecrosis pain is gone!  

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