Forty years ago, I lost my father and 3 years ago, my mother passed away. Yes, they are together, but the stress of that has been so difficult.

The attached fact sheet about lupus will outline the things I am going to speak to this month: So, a post a day and FOLLOW ALONG! I try to address these topics, but they come better from the horse’s mouth! Follow along:

Fact Sheet” is an excerpt directly from the Lupus Foundation of America and we’ll itemize each symptom in an attempt to understand lupus better

  1. “Lupus is a chronic, unpredictable and potentially fatal autoimmune disease in which the immune system is out of balance,” That is saying that lupus is chronic (it never goes away, but it may not show itself all the time.
  2. that inflammation can wreak havoc on all the organs (including the heart, lungs, skin, kidneys (requiring transplant or even dialysis). It is potentially fatal if the attack of lupus is on the heart can cause blood clots in heart, depriving the heart muscle of needed oxygen (heart attack). Lupus can also cause strokes; the attack of lupus forming blood clots in the brain, deprives the brain of needed oxygen. A stroke can result.
  3. Lupus can attack the nervous system, resulting in CNS lupus or lupus cerebritis. All of these attacks and more increase the likelihood of lupus being fatal.
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