We”re # ONE!

At the time of this writing, Lupus Chronicles was the highest ranking Health/ Fitness blog it I read the Blog Surfer correctly. (I”m certain they mean amateur blogs!) They might be telling me what I’d like to hear; or then again, they might be SPOT ON. I like to think of the latter. Thing is, I’m not so much about being NUMERO UNO as I am, about providing content that is helpful.

But, click on the link to your right (about blogsurfer) and they’ll let you know where you stand.

I do admit lately to not being around as much as I’d like; but THAT will change, especially if I want to keep up my new IMAGE!! But, when I entered this world of blogging 1 1/2 years ago, it was nut with the intent of being number 1. It was with the intent of providing content that will be found interesting and/or helpful. I feel privileged to have a window seat, an inside look, when it comes to health matters.

My background as a nurse has given me this window to the healthcare world and allowed an understanding of some of the inner workings of autoimmunity; my husband will tell you that’s a BAD thing, because I seem to come down with every remote possibility of a lupus complication. Why? All because I have one symptom. We nurses make terrible patients; but to that end, I’ve lived my life as a nurse and a nurse who has frequently been a patient, to a frequent patient. No more nursing for me unfortunately. The complications of lupus have been too many. And even IF if the docs get them under control (which, to be honest, I have my doubts about some), I’m already 61, it won’t be an overnight process. I hate this not working and anyone who thinks THIS IS THE LIFE, is dead wrong!

Wow, another ramble, another diatribe; and what does that have to do with my first paragraph about potentially being the number 1 health and fitness blog? I don’t know if there’s ANY association; but it just goes to show you what a lot of free time on your hands can (?) do with a positive attitude.


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    • Thanks so much; that lasted for about an hour and keeps fluctuating. I’m now #118, but if I consider ALL the health/fitness blogs all over the world, and the ones that have professional staff writers and marketers; little ol me ain’t doing that bad!! Many thanks fly. Annie

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