I just hopped off the treadmill; what a difference 30 minutes makes: Hopefully there will be weight loss, less stress on my joints, more blood flow to my organs, decreased resting heart rate and decreased blood pressure after a time. I’ll experience increased energy and sense of well-being, better sleep that night because the body releases endorphins-its own pain-killers. That old runner’s high!
All of this because I decided to get on the treadmill? No. The release of hormones and neurotransmitters result in the changes that benefit me when I stop exercising.
Over time, blood pressure lowers, resting heart rate lowers, our heart increases its efficiency as a pump. Blood sugar in the diabetic decreases, while there is a decrease in cholesterol levels.
Besides the physical effects of exercise, think of the psychological effects as you lose the weight, also notice a decrease in anxiety and a decreasing of depression. Today, we won’t talk of how these things happen; but they do. Until next time, Annie
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