We Pray for Loopyloo: our blogging sister

I don’t know about you, but this is one battle I’m glad that I don’t have to ‘fight,’ though I know if push came to shove, I’d fight and I’d hope I’d win the struggle. Would you?
For those of you who don’t know Loopyloo/Patricia, she has guest posted on my blog, and kept it up and running several years ago when I had a shoulder replacement and couldn’t write. Now, loopyloo is fighting her own battle with cancer and I ask that you pray for her and her doctors and family.
Loopy would tell you that she is a sinner; she is a saint to me; despite chronic illness challenges several off her family members have faced. I ask for your prayers for Loopyloo! This is Loopyloo’s most recent update:”

“Still having a lot of diarrhea, fatigue, weakness! 13 days down on radiation, 17 more to go! Will have another round of chemotherapy either on the 14th or the 21st! My body is not absorbing protein and iron, am now having to take a shot of price it every week to replace the protein. Thank you for your prayers, I am so appreciative!”


Patricia/aka Loopyloo


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