Time to grab life by the tail!

Me? I was inspired by someone who has since gone on to write her first e-book  I recall what I was told by a famous writer. He said, “we all have a book inside of us,” and for years, I was all about proving his theory wrong,

Since then, others have suggested that I write a book. Nailing down the subject material could be fraught with confusion. elle them with my moms chana and give that I was paid regularly for freelance work, there must be wrist taken

Now, after many years I’m finished with ‘proving’ him wrong and am all about ‘proving his theory right.’ Yes, I know the subject material, but don’t know the title or many other details. After all, I just got this idea yesterday.

So ‘forewarned is forearmed:’ every now and then, my blog about lupus will have what seems to be a different focus; one about where I am in my book-writing process, or I’ll ask for some advice. Annie


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