“Time to go to the mattresses”

No post about mattresses would be complete without discussing all types of mattresses, right? Then, consider this an incomplete post!

There is a new mattress, a new “kid on the block,” the memory foam mattress, and it’s taking the mattress world by storm. What are these new mattresses made of and what makes them so special? They are made of a special kind of foam, named Visco elastic foam. This foam was developed by NASA to provide comfort for astronauts. Viscoelastic foam was first marketed in Sweden under the name of Tempur-Pedic R.

People with back pain, hip pain, pain from any number of sources like lupus or fibromyalgia enjoy the comforts of memory foam, because it provides such an increased degree of support, without sacrificing comfort. It wasn’t long before companies in the United States began to develop and market memory foam

BUT BEWARE! All memory foam and all viscoelastic foam is not created equal. There is a science behind the development of viscoelastic foam and much of the comfort comes from the density of the foam. The higher the density, the more supportive the mattress will be. However, it is very often the case that the higher the density the higher the price of the mattress. But, if you purchase your mattress from a reputable dealer your mattress should have at the very least, a 20-40 year warranty, so the mattress more than pays for itself.

Reputable dealers? With dealers on every street corner how do you choose? Here are a few that I feel are reputable, but you need to do your own homework:

Tempflow Factory Showroom, Westlake Village, California (800) 667-1969 Temp-flow
Sweet Dreamz, Boaz AL 35957, (256) 593-5991 Sweet Dreams
Sexton Family Chiropractic, LLC, Southhampton, PA, (215) 322-9989 Sexton Family Chiropractic

Several motel chains feature viscoelastic foam mattresses, and I found that quality memory foam provides a wonderful night sleep, at your degree of comfort and support. These mattresses provide support though their construction, and the viscoelastic foam allows you to sink into the mattress. I think most of us could identify with being sound asleep and then our partner comes to bed and mattress rocks and wake us up. With a good memory foam mattresses there is little of that. Have you seen the ads in which the glass of red wine is on one side of the mattress and somebody else is jumping on the other side of the mattress and the wine doesn’t spill!

Below are some sites which provide education on the origins of memory foam ond what you look for in a good memory foam mattress.


The Health Benefits of Tempur-Pedic Mattresses (mattress-find.com)

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