Those evil flares

The title is a pretty short question which begs a pretty short answer. But, that begs the question, WHAT IS A FLARE? A flare is an exacerbation of the lupus symptoms that are normally experienced. But it is important to remember that what causes a flare of my symptoms may be completely different than what causes your flares.

Lupus symptoms can wax and wane, come and go: or be quiescent. Physicians are hesitant to use the term, “in remission,” because the term can connote that lupus is a CURABLE disease which it is not.

Flares might be triggered by one or MORE of the situations that we encounter in everyday life. Some common ones, in no particular order, are:

Researchers and practioners tend to agree that these are bonafide triggers of a flare. But again, it needs to be remembered that what triggers my flares may be, and likely is, different than the cause of yours. In another post we’ll talk about how each of these can cause a flare.



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