The way that I destress

“Take out the Papers and the Trash….or you don’t get no spending cash…” An oldie but a goodie which which refers to the golden days of summer coming to a close. Too often, we spend vacations at home as gas prices skyrocket and the dollar is tight.

However, we made an opportunity to be ‘adventuresome’ and to get the ‘heck out of Dodge.’ So, we loaded the dog in the car, packed light bags for 4 days in tiny town to tinier towns to finest.Off to tour the countryside and take away the stress of summer!

But those 4 days took us to the the Land of Enchantment, though the Centennial State and after those 4 days, we felt like we’d been gone 2 weeks. In the words of John Denver, “Hey, it’s good to be back home again…”

But, before we have too good a feeling about being back home we decided to remember the time we were away. Below is a photo album that I created of just that purpose. ?


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2 thoughts on “The way that I destress

  1. Thank you for sharing. What a beautiful pic!! I took some lovely pics of Smokey Mountains in N.C. recently and know the absolute blessing of being amidst beautiful mountains. The picture alone is such a magnificent sight to have the pleasure to view.

    It made my heart smile. And it’s been a particularly rough week, due to my health and the hurdles it adds to my life. So, thank you. 🙂

    • Those great Smokey Mountains, parts of Kentucky, North Carolina (does the Blue Ridge Parkway go to SC) are magnanimous. I realize that the mountains in the east aren't as new as the Rockies, but offer a beautiful vista and one worth taking in now and then. The western Rockies are beautiful and I feel blessed to have them in our back yard. We plan trips around days when I think i'm going to feel up for a ride in the mountains.

      Sometimes the stress involved in lupus or any other chronic illness is so great. Beauty, wherever you find it, is the tonic to those "CALGON, TAKE ME AWAY' moments.

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