The unknown

Surgery to replace my hip was called off. Was it because I was chicken? No. I was advised against surgery at the time because of a risk to my lungs and heart. Does that mean that I am forever at high risk for any surgery?

High risk. I don’t like the sound. You mean, one of these times, I might not ‘wake up?’ Now, there’s a humbling thought and a reason to examine my own mortality. I have Shrinking Lung Syndrome (sometimes known as Vanishing Lung Syndrome) from lupus or from Sjogren’s Syndrome (it is a rare pulmonary effect of either) and I experience severe shortness of breath with next to no exertion. However, upon measuring my oxygen saturation at the time, the result is usually normal, @ 98%-99%.

That’s why supplemental oxygen didn’t help. However, that was the past and I just wonder about the present.  A recent sleep study monitored oxygen all night long. We’ve tried inhalers: So far, none have worked.  So the next step/treatment.

The shortness of breath is now much more involved as it takes on a life of it’s own. Walking is limited to 10-20 yards before it becomes so severe that I need to rest. The shortness and breath, along with weakness, makes it next to impossible to walk without use of a cane.  My balance, issues are getting worse everyday. Hardly the way I wanted to spend the ‘golden years!’

Having not much more than time on my hands, I write here or at my other blog, annies analysis, frequently. My rheumatologist has prescribed several medications, and a diary of my journey with these can be found in TREATMENT CHRONICLES. Come, join me on my journey!

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