The Long Journey of Lupus

Long Journey for People with Lupus

“An estimated 1.5 million Americans have a form of lupus, a chronic, severe autoimmune disease for which there is no cure. Every day these patients must deal with their own immune systems turning against their bodies, resulting in health effects including heart attacks, strokes, seizures, organ failure, and miscarriages.”  Lupus Foundation of America

Yet, while many people feel the impact of lupus, greater awareness of the disease a must. Many people have symptoms that could easily be explained by another illness, fatigue (not enough sleep), dry mouth (that new medication that you started or not drinking enough water), stress headaches (wouldn’t you be stressed if you were tired all the time and had a dry mouth and because of the dry mouth, watched your dental bills rise?).

.Some doctors, not thinking of the heartache this can cause, will refer you to a psychiatrist for treatment of hysteria, mental illness or PMS. All the while, you’re not a hysterical female; but I’m sure you’ve seen more than one doctor’s eyes roll back!

Many people who have lupus aren’t aware that they have a potentially disabling and life-threatening disease and because oftentimes, their symptoms ‘come and go,’ they tend to minimize and categorized lupus as a minor inconvenience.

That is, until they need to face some of lupus’ more devastating consequences, such as lung or heart problems, blood clots or stroke, severe joint problems, blood clotting disorders or kidney failure for which they need dialysis.

It is precisely because lupus can BE life-threatening, can kill, and present with such a list of vague symptoms that awareness must be raised. Awareness so more research dollars ‘go’ towards finding the cause and cure for lupus and advocating for lupus patients.

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