The immune system-in a nutshell

This is one of the best treatments I’ve ever seen of the immune system. It’s lengthy (well, 60 pages isn’t REAL long, it’s NOT “War and Peace!!”) , so I’ll just post the link. This coverage isn’t intended to be “all you ever needed to know about the immune system” nor does it replace your rheumatologist IN ANY WAY, but this is a good primer, a good and reliable resource that provides a good understanding. In fact, it’s entitled, “Understanding the Immune System” and it’s not a hard read. Moreover, IT’S FREE!!  , a publication by the National Institutes For Health. Most of us have an idea how the immune system works, and in our particular disease (in this case, lupus) what goes awry to cause the many side effects that we experience..

So, again, the link is



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