Symptoms of lupus: but there’s HOPE

The month of May is National Lupus Awareness Month and I’ll be placing a calendar with important dates on it. Below is a tape of the devastation the lupus can cause; but there’s also HOPE. If we dwell on the devastation, we can do nothing. If we dwell on the hope, the research that is being done daily, we can accomplish.

If others are taught what lupus is, if they are taught WHY we have days of not being able to get out of bed, if others are taught WHY there’s a need for dialysis or WHY your skin has psoriasis or any of the side effects of lupus there’ll be an educated public who’ll press legislators to put more research dollars in the treatment of lupus.

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6 thoughts on “Symptoms of lupus: but there’s HOPE

  1. Is there a color that is associated with Lupus Awareness month? Many conditions do – teal for ovarian cancer, blue for this month (Ap) Autism, pink of course as most know for breast cancer awareness.

  2. Oh – duddd…here right on your page are the things screaming purple at me for Lupus Awareness! Talk about tunnel vision! I’ll do my mani/pedis with that color in mind.

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