“Symptoms of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome”

reprinted with permission of author, V. Kumar, MD.

How do we know that you are suffering from Chronic Fatigue Syndrome?

The first and most characteristic symptom of chronic fatigue syndrome is SEVERE, PROLONGED and DEBILITATING FATIGUE, because of which a person finds it very difficult to carry out any regular vocation. Often the fatigue begins as part of an infection or flu, but is far more severe than is usually the case, and persists for periods far beyond the disease with which it begins.Almost 90% of patients diagnosed with this condition suffer from HEADACHES of some form or other. Many times it could be temporal, suggesting muscular stress or temporal muscular fatigue as a possible cause. An equal number suffer from DIFFICULTY IN CONCENTRATING, another sign of generalized fatigue and overall ill-being.MUSCLE ACHE is another common symptom observed in almost 80% of persons having chronic fatigue syndrome, and almost an equal number complain of JOINT ACHES and FEVERISHNESS. SORE THROAT is also seen in about 80% patients of this condition.Other frequently observed symptoms in patients diagnosed as chronic fatigue syndrome are DIFFICULTY IN SLEEPING, PSYCHIATRIC SYMPTOMS and ALLERGIES, each one of which is seen in more than half the number of cases. In addition to these, a smaller proportion of patients, complain of other symptoms like WEIGHT LOSS or GAIN, RASH, RAPID PULSE and CHEST PAIN.
This is an article that I found interesting and one which made me acutely aware that the symptoms we may feel in lupus, fibromyalgia or any number of autoimmune diseases.
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    • Theresa,

      I haven’t done much with lupus nephritis at all or w/ any kind of renal involvement. I did promise someone else that I’d cover the topic. Thing is, that lupus affects so many organ systems, but I will be covering nephritis. Annie

      Off to visit the site you referred me to. Also, have you seen the site at Nddkm.com (I think that’s it; for National Diabetes, Kidnery, Metabloic diseases. Nope. Wrong: http://www2.niddk.nih.gov/

  4. Thanks for tyring to keep up. Patients who have CFS/ME can’t find doctors who actually know anything about this illness, thanks to the CDCs misinformation campaign, so it is heartening to hear of someone who has some interest in learning about it.I hope you take the time to read the comments following the WSJ stories. Many of them are very educational.

    • Not a matter of taking the time; it’s a matter of FINDING the time. This is a subject that I feel passionately about and a family member struggles with it all the time

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