Something else my mother taught me!

“If you don’t quit that I will knock the fire out of you!”.

I always wondered where the fire in me was and why she didn’t put it out….”

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5 thoughts on “Something else my mother taught me!

  1. How to “talk like a dutch uncle,” wash my hands before coming to the dinner table, not to write anything in my diary I wouldn’t want the person I was writing about to read, and unconditional love.

    • LOL! Being a nurse, I’m especially cognizant of germs, being a lupus (my immune system is hyperactive AT TIMES,) but now I take the immune suppressant, CellCept. Vigilant hand washing and I need to teach others that little and unknown concept!!

    • I have to admit to being a bit confused by the comments; but now that you explain where they really go, it makes ALL THE SENSE IN THE WORLD!

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