Short, but sweet!

I’ll make this short, but so sweet! 

# 1. I was chosen to participate in a study of orphan disease. Lupus, as well as ir’s many complications, Shrinking Lung Syndrome, being one. This is not without recognition from the lupus community.

#2. The other: for MONTHS now, I’ve not been able to post often because of what was a glitch with my blog, and I nor anyone else knew how to fix it. Friday evening-Saturday AM, ‘in the wee small hours of the morning,’ I pressed a button, and shazaaaaaam! All was well! What did I do? I don’t  know.

But whatever it was, would make the heads spin off of a lot of Internet Technology people and web developers, and little old me did it quite by accident.! I zigged when I should have zagged. Maybe I should rethink my choice of fields and go into accidental web devlopment That’s the short and the sweet end. So good night!

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