Resources for Lupus Patients

Systemic lupus erythematosus can present in many ways, often mimicking other diseases. In this article, Drs Greenberg and Michalska describe the numerous manifestations of this chronic disease, the widely accepted criteria for diagnosis, and the therapeutic measures that can prolong survival and decrease…Dr.  Michalsla is a well-respected and well-known rheumatologist in Chicago and Dr. Greenberg is a radiologist in the Chicago area.

This is a book used by the Lupus Foundation of America to answer many questions patients have about lupus, “The Lupus Book:

"The Lupus Book" by Daniel Wallace has been touted by many to be an authoritative guide to what lupus is and what to expects as lupus presents,
















There are many really informative books about lupus available and you have your favorites, I’m sure. The first is an article that is highly informative and the second is a book that provides a lot of information and resources.

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  2. Annie,
    I know you are a nurse but how about a piece on Sjogren's and the dentist. The disease cost me several teeth. Something the doctor never told me about. I found out by doing a lot of research on the disease and stumbling upon an article. Sorry I don't remember the title, it was a few years ago. I hope there is more info out there now, there sure wasn't then.

    • Frani, I have no doubt that dry mouth is found in many with autoimmune disorders. It seems that one autoimmune disorder often 'morphs' into another and SLE often morphs into RA or Sjogren's. In me, it's morphed into SS; in you, AS and RA- I think you said.I can write something, or resurrect an article I wrote for a lupus blog that I tweaked and tweaked, until the publisher stripped it bare of all facts. I'll just put the facts back in!!Annie

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