Ready for a book?

Annie Nowlin

When I closed my last post, I had just decided to heed the advice of a famous writer whose thoughts on writing occasionally curse through my veins and can best be summed up, “We all have a book inside of us, a story to tell.”

Well, I feel like I have 30 stories to tell: about patients, patient care, the healthcare system that we all know needs a heck of a lot of reform or transformation.

Which way to turn, which way to direct my energies.? I could tell a whopper of a story of the healthcare system from a nurses’ perpective, from the other side of the sheets as a patient or from an American citizen’s perspective.

Or, I could discuss autoimmunity from those different angles; why, my head is spinning just thinking about all the ways I could discuss healthcare! Why, I could discuss my personal experiences while working in the hospital or personal experiences while working as a case manager in hospice or experiences as a patient in the hospital.

So, stay tuned to this channel, as when I finally get going and pick a subject material and a focus, I’ll be writing non-stop and you won’t be able to shut me up!

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