Psychology and Depression

Let’s face it; having a chronic, possibly debilitating illness, carries with it a certain likelihood that you’ll experience depression; depression because you can no long do the things you used to do or maybe because you’re isolated. But, with so many antidepressants which one do you choose? You’ve probably been on Prozac® and Zoloft® or a few others. They work for a while, but then stop working? What next?

You might suggest a few to your doc, but don’t be surprised if your doc seems to dismiss your suggestions out of hand. The doc may balk, not because he/she doesn’t think that your suggestion is worthwhile and worth a try. Instead docs often balk at suggestions WE make because it is human nature to want to seem like they ‘came up’ with the idea  (not someone else, not you). So plant the seed, give it some time (to percolate) and politely bring it up at the next visit.

An antidepressant, after trying a lot of them, that has worked for me, is Celexa® (citalopram). I don’t know, if like some others, it works on nerve pain like a few others, but I’ve experienced decreased pain when I’m not depressed,; and I’ve experience MORE pain when I don’t tae my antidepressants. Tools like looking at the cup of life as HALF  FULL, instead of half EMPTY.

Depression can be so disabling a condition that many sufferers are unable to work; unfortunately, many suffer the stigma of being ‘lazy,’ but being depressed besides influencing your mood, can influence function and also ABILITY to function, so that one may be unable to ‘hold down’ a job.

If this is the case and you are unable to hold down a job and physicians feel that you are also unable to function, I would recommend contacting the Disability Digest by clicking the image below to talk to a disability advocate;

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  2. Oh so true. Soon as I mention any med option to esp one of my docs, they will poo-poo it – then give my symptom need for X med attention and generally come up suggestion either another med similar, or suggest possible alternatives. Having trouble now with my current SSRI. Will watch what happens when I suggest a change. A # of them (Zoloft and a few others) caused me to feel like a ping-pong ball with racing heart rate racing. It can take time to find one that works. Often over time, seems many patients will fall off of that one having much effect.

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