Ordinary People who live Extraordinary Lives.

In watching this video, were you increasingly awe-inspired with each moment? Did you admire the performers’ abilities with each graceful, gymnastic and athletic move? I was speechless at such beauty and how humans could make these feats look so easy.

Speechless as I was, I needed to put some things in perspective; these are ORDINARY people who have accomplished the EXTRAORDINARY. I had to do quite a sales job to convince myself that I was not inferior to them for the sole reason that they had such an amazing ability; the ability to do something that I would ever attempt,

However, didn’t you, like I, feel the tiniest twinge of jealousy that these people could render a crowd speechless; and and on a good day, all we may be able to do is to get out of bed?

Then again, if I didn’t have to fight my way through this maze called ‘life,’ I, too, might accomplish what they’re accomplishing. Maybe not that dramatic but, I think you and I’ve accomplished other things, which to many people ARE  EXTRAORDINARY but to us seem ordinary. For example, how do you manage o have a life, in spite of lupus, epilepsy and… This morning, I challenge you to find your strengths and accept your weakness. For example, you may have have strong interpersonal skills or courage to face life despite many odds in lieu of athletic prowess.

I had to make that part of my thinking and my being. I won’t spend another minute of my life, wishing I had something that I don’t have. Life is too short to cry over what could have been; rather it is high time that I realize the doors that have been opened IN SPITE of lupus.

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