One step forward, 2 steps backward/dull women have immaculate homes!

The other day, I was sitting on top of the world. I was making progress in weight loss, making great progress in physical therapy and my old nimbleness (dare I say?) was beginning to return. I was actually able to get down on the floor to play with the dog who for months, managed to love me; without my showing playful love in return.

The doctor had said that it was alright for me to return to swimming laps as exercise. So, I went back to my second home, the water. Even though I swam only about 10 laps, I was  proud of  myself. At least that’s a start!

That evening we went to listen to a neighborhood concert under the stars. I could barely walk. What had happened that I was so good in the morning; and now, it was all I could do to walk the 10 steps from the car to our awaiting lawn chairs?

So, rather than spend the next few days building on my accomplishments, I’ve spent the past two days flat on my back; yes doing the exercises I know I should do, but watching the laundry pile up! I know it’s said that “dull women have immaculate homes” but I say, in the words of Erin Brockovitch, “WHO LIVES LIKE THIS?”

So it goes, that I feel like the progress I was making is now a thing of the past; or is it. Only  time will tell. I try not to succumb to the hazards of immobility, by getting out of bed periodically and I do back exercises every few hours, but I’m down. I WAS ON SUCH A ROLL

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One thought on “One step forward, 2 steps backward/dull women have immaculate homes!

  1. I try to keep in mind it’s not what I cannot do or did not get done, it’ what I did accomplish in the day. Some days have to carry one in memory of the positive things for quite a few weeks/momths. Then there are also little times when we look at a whole day carefully and realize we had good 15 minutes and then maybe a not so great couple of hours.

    It’s like having reflect on that great vacation that keeps you going in memory only until the next time another steps up to the plate and takes it’s place.

    I do like the title of your blog here as it indicates to me that maybe there is more you are doing? A clean home? I feel lucky to get the trash out on trash day. And I know I would not have a clean house without house help.

    Sure the dog really enjoyed his/her romp on the floor with you. They too live on memories of what last was for a long time about the things they love to do. But then they also love to be fed 2X a day. Many are easy to please. We, well not so much!

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