I used to think that I needed a lot of “MOMENTS IN TIME,’ and then I’d go into a tailspin about the “finest days have come and gone” (can you tell I’ve known every word of this song by heart since its release?).

In the past I was quite athletic and thought the world hung on my athletic achievements and my accomplishments. Then I realized that others had accomplishment that were just as important to them as athletics were to me.

I also learned that even though my triathlon days are over, I can still aim for that “ONE MOMENT IN TIME” “MAKE IT MINE” and make the best of every minute. I don’t have to be a Grammy award-winning singer, or an Olympic medalist; getting out of bed and writing this blog may be my contributions.

ONE MOMENT IN TIME is rarely handed to us; we work for it, we sweat for that ONE Moment in Time. It’s fleeting for most; so grab it and make it YOURS!

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2 thoughts on ““ONE MOMENT IN TIME”

    • Lois, we should all strive for that “One Moment in Time!” But it is all so subjective; what qualifies for my moment in time may be nothing to you and vice versa. So we personalize and OWN the moment! What do you think?

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