My New Year’s Resolution for Lupus

I promised that New Year’s would bring a return to more clinical articles; but as long as it is agreed that now and then we take a break. But, like all resolutions, it’s time to get down to brass tacks!
At one time we talked about medications used to treat lupus and several other autoimmune diseases; I promised to return!
Well, I’m back to complete what I started.
We’ve already spoken of medications us like Tylenol (acetaminophen) and non-steroidal antinflammatories (NSAIDs) which are often used in the early stages of disease. These include but aren’t limited to Naproxen, Aleve, Aspirin, Voltaren, ibuprofen and Celebrex. 
Another ‘step’ in the treatment of autoimmunity, might be with prednisone, methotrexate, imuran, CellCept® to name a few. 
Prednisone falls into that category of medications which decreases massive inflammation, the cause of many problems. But prednisone is not without it’s side effects; including, but not limited to increased blood sugar, delayed or prolonged wound healing.
CellCept® carries with it similar side effects, but not as many as prednisone. However CellCept suppress the immune system so that it won’t attack it’s own cells.
Unfortunately, because CellCept® is such a powerful immune system suppressant, patients who take it, may end up fighting infection after infection, that they normally wouldn’t have succumbed to. 
Methotrexate is another medication that is also used in autoimmune diseases like Sjogren’s Syndrome and psoriasis and Juvenile Rheumatoid Arthritis. Methotrexate is used if these conditions aren’t responsive to other treatments.
Any discussion of medications for ANY condition would be remiss without stating the dangers of what many people feel is a relatively innocuous medication, Tylenol. Tylenol is in many over-the-counter mendication preparations so if  your doctor has ordered tylenol, please do tell him what ELSE  you may be taking. Tylenol in doses exceeding 3000 mg daily (the equivalent of 6 x 500 mg tablets( can be toxic on the liver.  
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4 thoughts on “My New Year’s Resolution for Lupus

  1. Methotrexate is one they want me to take, but the risk of liver damage is just to much for me right now. Much as I would like to have the relief from psoriasis, it is just not something that I am willing to do yet! Happy New Year Annie!

    • I’ve tried this med (Cell Cept) for 8 months for Shrinking Lung Syndrome and it is only getting worse. Then, I find out that the SLS is likely caused by Sjogrean’s, not Lupus. Back to the drawing board? I hope pulmonologist will consider imuran or methotrexate, or otherwise CHAGE TREATMENTS. Reaching the end of my rope, here, loop. I need a bit of your faith and prayers. Take care@ HAPPY NEW YEAR!

      • Methotrexate is usually pretty effective, has your Dr. mentioned it at all?
        You are in my prayers always Annie, dear friend, I wish you were here so we could do an anointing over you in person, but I am going to do one over your post.
        Dear Lord, Annie is suffering and needs relief. She needs a healing from You Lord. You are the Great Physician, the Healer above all healers. You created us Lord and You alone know how we were created. We are standing on Your promises Lord, You have promised that when two or more are gathered in Your name, that anything we ask in Your wonderful Son Jesus Christs name, that You will answer. We are asking for a healing for Annie Lord. She needs a healing and she needs Your help in her faith Lord. She needs a physician who follows You Lord, one who will ask for your guidance in all that he does Lord. Lord we thank You and give You praise and glory Lord, in Jesus name we pray Lord. Thank you for all You do Lord. Amen and amen!!!

        • Loopy, I just e-mailed my pulmonologist (who is in a different city), that my rheumie diagnosis is MCTD with many hints of Sjogren’s and the treatment of my lung disorder is different when caused by Sjogren’s vs. lupus. I HOPE that little tidbit will get us on a different course, because there’s not a whole lot more this body can take-wait a minute, I CAN take more, but will my body take it?

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