My experience with dry mouth; similar to yours?

Why did I keep getting the mumps, normally thought to be a childhood disease, though public health officials report a resurgence at times. Hospitalized on several occasions due to the pain, an astute physician began scratching her head. People DON’T get the mumps as frequently as Annie does; a lip biopsy and thorough work-up revealed Sjogren’s Syndrome. On occasion, the mouth can get so dry, and the surrounding mucous producing glands can get that dry, that the normal saliva flow into the mouth becomes obstructed. That was happening to me and the salivary glands were the parotid glands and the ducts that flowed into the mouth, the Stintson ducts, became blocked and the tiny amount of parotid secretions festered and then abscessed into an infectious painful condition. This happens in dry mouth, though it isn’t as common as dry eyes, dry skin, vaginal dryness and all mucous membrane dryness. Even the

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