Making Days with Lupus and Rheumatoid Arthritis easier

I’ve put together a list for anyone who fights a chronic disease that leaves them with joint pain and fatigue. Doing the things on the list won’t make your disease ‘go away,’ but you’ll likely feel less of a victim of the disease and feel like you have a bit of power and are in the driver’s seat!

In no particular order:

Think about taking a bath instead of a shower and soak that stiffness away; the warm water (add some epsom salts if you like) soothes away muscle tension. I’d only add one cautionary note; even though it might sound like the perfect remedy to help you sleep better, this isn’t a good idea right before bed because it can interfere with your sleep cycle.

Iif your joints are painful and stiff, and the intricate work of fashioning bows would only aggravate the problem, consider putting your gifts in a gift bag. Or, if you’d like, you can ask that the store gift wrap your items (though it adds to the price tag, you might be able to find stores that offer free gift wrapping.

Exercise. It may be painful at first, but plan to start an exercise regimen, checking with your doctor first. Then daily keep up the exercise. This acts like a little WD-40, lubricating your joints as you strengthen the muscles and ligaments surrounding them. I’d suggest that water exercise in a warm pool would help. Remember, motion helps ease stiffness.

When you must shovel snow in the winter (don’t we wish we live in warm climes with NO snow?), but winter is a reality and many of us enjoy the season. But shoveling can pose a problem for those who have difficulty gripping the handle. So, wrap a towel around the handle of the shovel, making it easier to grip and enjoy being outside. Better yet, enjoy the hot chocolate when you com indoors and know that you’ve earned a reward!

Car steering wheel covers are available to make gripping the wheel easier and many of them are insulated and found in auto parts stores.

It has been found in several studies that relaxation exercises help pain and stress, meaning muscle tension eases. So, listen to an classical music or do deep breathing before chores. This will accomplish many things, among them keeping your breathing rate low while you imagine the pain gone and doing chores while not hurting.

These are just a few things that you can do to give you more power over your arthritic condition so you don’t feel so fatigued and stubble with it!

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