Lupus Symptoms; a Series

Signs and Symptoms of lupusThe next few posts will be about the sypmptoms that are common once you have a diagnosis of lupus. Soon you’ll see a pattern; we won’t cover all of these conditions today, but we’ll reason a few of them through.

Why do sufferers develop a headache? Dehydration? Nice guess, but dehydration is not usually an issue (headaches from dehydration can happen; so can brain tumors!) These headaches are often tension-related or migranes and as such, resistant to narcotic painkillers (in fact, narcotics SHOULD NOT) be used. Sometimes, it was thought that headaches were an early predictor of disease flares and possibly they are, but a connection between headaches and lupus is hard to prove and for sure the existence of a headache is not a predictor of the disease.

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