Lupus in Action

I don’t know about you, but I get the ‘willies’ when I see someone accomplish something against all  odds.  I hope we’ve all done something we never thought we could, I hope we all had that “One Moment in Time” and are proud of that achievement. Our story for this week, pertains to a world-class athlete with lupus and her ‘hiding’ the disease.

Very few meet the success of the Olympic diver, runner, swimmer or soccer player; but, we’ve all had successes in out lives. We need to celebrate these successes, however small they may seem to us. They are successes-none-the-less. An example: TODAY I WAS ABLE TO GET OUT OF BED! Today, I walked close to a mile and found a physician who didn’t “pooh poo” that lupus was all in my head. Those are all successes. Not on the grand scale that I’d like, but I’ve had a “Moment in Time”

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