Lupus and Holism

"It's all in your head," "something's wrong, but we don't know what!"  We've seen experts, been poked and prodded; but at the end of the day, we don't know WHY we hurt. Sound familiar?

Because doctors don't have a firm grasp on WHAT is wrong, what to treat, is it any wonder that we feel like we're 'lost in the shuffle?' This frustration can have a positive outcome, because it is often a catalyst for many lupies to explore other ways of treating their aches and pains. One of those ways that has has met with a lot of success is called holism; treating the WHOLE patient not just the 'aching joints!'

Since lupus usually has triggers, holism looks at our lifestyles and determines what our triggers might be. Stress is a well-known autoimmune disease trigger; If that is your trigger, rethinking a tremendously stressful job-or learning how NOT to let stressful situations 'get to you' might be prescribed. Stress management classes might be in order. Another example of a holistic approach migh be to explore a dietary trigger, recommending a certain food substitute for the known dietary trigger.

"Lupus Novice”  (showcased below)  tells of one woman’s journey through the maze of testing and  things she experienced getting a diagnosis and how she chose to explore treatments which treated ALL of her; not just the symptoms.

LUPUS NOVICE: Toward Self Healing (via

Recommended by Andrew Weil in Natural Health, Natural Medicine, Lupus Novice gives a moving account of the author’s successful struggle with “incurable” SLE (systemic lupus erythematosus), affecting mostly women. Ms. Chester shares the personal discoveries behind her recovery, and a meditation…

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