Lupus and autoimmunity in 2 minutes

This is your time to explain, to give an answer family and friends who comment, “But you don’t look sick!”  Your teaching time is likely to be brief, so I found the following video to explain what I can’t in a short time. Not only does it explain that happens in lupus, but it also covers symptoms.

Medications Used in Lupus Treatment (

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4 thoughts on “Lupus and autoimmunity in 2 minutes

  1. That is great short video that explains Lupus very well. I suffer from CIDP which is also an autoimmune disease and you are right in that the teaching window is very brief to both explain what your in particular illness is and why you may not look sick, but you are very sick. I like the video and I would like to share it on my site. In 2010 I founded a company called Crafted Elegance which brings both awareness of chronic illnesses and/or physical impairments to others, while at the same time gives these folks a place to showcase their talents and abilities. We have a great forum too that might be of interest to you where you can share some of your thoughts with other folks who struggle with an illness. Please feel free to post a link to blog as well. 🙂

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