Lupus and Asbestos

Landon Biehl

Have you been exposed to asbestos? Complications that result from exposure to hazardous materials in the environment are often times hard to identify and track down. We come into contact with a large number of potential health threats everyday, making our ability to identify exactly what causes our complications or health issues not easily identifiable.

Lupus has quite an effect on the lungs and can mimic other lung diseases, such as mesothelioma, making the differences in the health threat closely related in nature. A large percentage of lupus patients develop pulmonary issues, and different lung complications and diaphragm issues. Similarly, asbestos exposed victims can develop some of the same complications.

A very common trigger for lung complications is asbestos. Since the risk of exposure to asbestos is common, and tracking down its initial place of contact is nearly impossible, many times individuals believe they have been exposed when they really have not come into contact with asbestos.  However, if there has been exposure, medical treatment should be sought out immediately.

Often times, when experiencing lung complications, many people seek treatment for asbestos. However, after no positive recovery from the symptoms, an alternative diagnosis should be considered.  In many cases, the patient suffers from pulmonary complications of lupus and there was never a problem with asbestos in the first place. Identifying and letting your doctor know of some of the symptoms you are experiencing is critical for correctly diagnosing your complications. In addition, its a good idea to do some background research on any health complications you might be experiencing, anytime an issue arises. Educating yourself on the differences between asbestos exposure and lupus will only increase your chances for a correct diagnosis.

In addition, educating yourself on some of the hazardous threats and materials that we come into contact with on a daily basis can help to ensure our safety and will ensure we are alert at all times. Identifying areas of potential asbestos exposure in your city would be a great start. In addition, educating yourself on the differences between asbestos exposure and lupus will help you to obtain a speedier recovery.

Landon Biehl is a advocate for healthy living and fitness tips. Residing in North Carolina, he enjoys spending time writing and helping to inform others with wellness information that can benefit families. In his spare time, Landon enjoys spending time at the beach, and being outdoors- running, swimming and kayaking among his favorite activities.

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