Lupus: a BRIEF brush-up!

What is lupus? If you’re recently diagnosed-or if you’re a veteran in seek of a brush-up on the basics, this is for you. Lupus i chronic: it doesn’t go away. What does that mean? It means that lupus will be in your body forever (until a cure is found). Lupus may be dormant for a while, but other diseases are likely present in our bodies and we don’t know it; like Sjogren’s Syndrome or Rheumatoid Arthritis. Often, these diseases are only too happy to step in take up where lupus left off! Now, you may be stuck with them, too!

Lupus is inflammatory and if there’s ONE thing you remember about lupus, it is that. Inflammatory, inflammatory, inflammatory. Whenever you may think of lupus or any autoimmune disease, they all have one thing in common: Inflammation. Inflammation of the sac around the heart:pericarditis. Infammation of the sac around the lungs: pleuritis.  Inflammation of the stomach: gastrits. Inflammation of a cyst: cystitis.

How does that happen? Normally, our bodies have certain cells which recognize other cells as foreign. They ‘re job is to mount a defense, kill these cells and get rid of them. In lupus, these cells are either fewer or unable to do their job or are overwhelmed and overtaken by the foreign cells (sounds like a battle to me.) Sometimes  we talk it is it seems that we’re on a battlefield of  full scale war! Is it any wonder that the medications used to treat autoimmune diseases are often anti-inflammatories?

The next post will concentrate on listing resources you may want to familiarize yourself with. Remember, that, in an earlier post I mentioned that not every site is accurate, These sites have tried and true information; the only thing missing, is the how personable, or technically competent of your doctor who knows YOU and knows YOUR history. That is why it is always the best combination approach to get information from these sites and CLARIFICATION as to whether is applies in your case FROM YOUR DOCTOR.

So, where is all this inflammation coming from? This is an explanation that I found from YouTube that explains it all.


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