Life with a chronic illness; don’t let it be a losing battle!

I watched this, my curiosity piqued because in ‘the day,’ I did several triathlons. But, not today! Surely, he jests! Surely, he’s not suggesting that I get ‘back in the saddle again; and how dare he cast aspersions because I’m not climbing back up on that horse!’

I had it in my mind to tell that ‘whipper-snapper’ a thing or two. I was prepared with my list of things that most people with chronic illnesses deal with ‘day in and day out,’ things that would make his head spin; then, it crossed my mind that I don’t know half of his world. For all I know, he’d faced his share of challenges, but they weren’t physical. Possibly emotional.

Still, I took his words too personally and felt that he directed the video commentary at people who don’t do as much as he does. Many say that anyone who is on the government ‘dole’ is lazy and there are some who think/say, “Stop feeling sorry for yourself and spend that time thinking of ways in which you can accomplish Ironman triathlons.” Remember his admonition, “what the mind perceives, the body can achieve.”

Then I realized the full import of what he was saying: we may have limitations, but all of us ought to  try to do something bigger than ourselves. Most of us will never do a triathlon, let alone the Ironman. We ought to set goals, but not set them so high that they can’t be achieved, but we ought to make goals. They should be realistic and attainable goals. He was saying DO all that you’re able to do and don’t plan on llife’s being a losing battle. 

Yes, we ought to set goals, but they need to be, for sanity’s sake, reasonable and attainable and we must not forget that life is a long road. Above all, the road to those goals should be fun.

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