Laughter is the Best Medicine

Today, I added a new category entitled: LAUGHTER IS THE BEST MEDICINE, in which there will be pleasing posts, jokes, calming stories or all natures. Plain escapism, because Lord only knows we each eat a huge piece of humble pie and are reminded that we aren’t a lot of what we want to be: EACH DAY.

This daily reminder needs to be countered with a chance for that “CALGON, TAKE ME AWAY” moment and that is exactly what the column is intended to do: to provide a daily=-or several times daily, break in the challenge or break in the grind of a daily reminder that we weren’t able to live the life we had all ‘mapped out!’

So, there you have it. Visit, LAUGHTER IS THE BEST MEDICINE on a regular basis for a funny bone tickler or a grounding session. Annie

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