Laughter is the Best Medicine

The humor in this short video was unsuspecting and I was caught off guard! If you can, play this in full screen with the speakers on. No matter from what country we hail, FUN IS FUN and LAUGHTER IS LAUGHTER!

Fess up, you let out a little howl as you watched, even though the fellow who jumped suffered physicaly and emtionally before he had his laugh. By the time the video was over this fellow was laughing AT HIMSELF and with others. What has this got to do with lupus? Plenty.

Every day, we go from doctor’s office, to the lab, for a test or  two, to physical therapy or other treatment. Then, the next day, it all starts over again; we may be too tired that we can’t do much without pain. Don’t you ever feel the need for a little break in the routine which has become your life? I know that I do and if I do, it’s a pretty fair  guess that I’m not alone!

Do non-handicapped people feel that not working is a BREEZE? I wonder about that every now ad then. However, TRYING to do a bit every day is a full-time job. However, if you over-do it,  you know that if you do over-do it; you’ll pay. Finding that balance is tough to achieve.  Every now and then, you find a video which provides this kind of levity (by the way, there are tons more where this came from: YouTube, Vimeo, Facebook) comes along and breaks up what is possibly a hard day-or a boring day. To able-bodied friends, this may simply be ‘funny’ but to those who are disabled by an illness, ANY ILLNESS, little jokes like this, are more than distractions, they’re sometimes live-savers.

Laughter  also decreases stress. Remember, yesterday we spoke of the stress hormone cortisol? Well GOOD BELLY LAUGHTER has been shown to decrease levels in the blood or cortisol (the stress hormone). Medical students were divided into 2 groups  and one group saw a funny movie. The other group was shown a disconcerting, scary, bloody movie. Blood work was done shortly after the movies which showed that the medical students who had been shown the disconcerting movie had extremely elevated cortisol levels in their blood. The lower amounts of cortisol, the fewer flares, or decreased intensity of flares, and by and large we feel just a bit better.

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