Keeping our sunny side up is hard-can you help?

What is this thing on the right sidebar below my new logo?  It is a widget for our fundraiser. We planned for our financial future, but were bit in the butt, anyway. My out-of-pocket, lupus medical expenses AVERAGED $24,200 for two years in a row and at the same time, my husband lost his job.

Fast forward 3 1/2 years and Rey remains unemployed and we’ve touched the ‘untouchable’ IRAs so much that we’re near penniless, and filed bankruptcy a month ago. Our sole income is my disability check and part-time work that Rey finds. We’ll have to leave our home here in Colorado but don’t have the money to move. We had to so something besides feel sad: so besides trying to KEEP OUR SUNNY SIDE UP:

We established a fundraiser to raise money so we can move to where there may be work for Rey. though a medical fundraiser site called Give Forward (, an organization based in Chicago whose mission is to promote  fundraisers for people with medical needs; people unable to pay for cancer treatment, Boston Marathon victims who may have medical needs for the rest of their live, etc.

Rey and I need your help: If you are uncomfortable donating online, please complete the CONTACT ME form on the tabs above and I can provide an address. Bankruptcy and now asking for help are ‘cold prickles’ but the outpouring of love we’ve received on this journey is a’warm fuzzy!’ of life, Specifically our site is: here. Thank you for your consideration, prayers, hugs!  Annie and Rey.

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