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Lupus? You’ve come to the right place. In this blog, we’ll discuss what this disease really is, how it interrupts lives, its potential complications and ways to cope with this-or-any-chronic illness.

We’ll also decipher medical terminology and concepts you may have heard. As a nurse with lupus and now a freelance writer, I hope to put some meaning behind them.
Another tab will be interactive, where you can ask questions. If I’m nor able to provide an answer, another visitor may, or I can research. All in all, I want this to be a safe and informative place.

One caveat: I’d caution that I am not your personal physician and that well-intended as this, or any guest information is, we do not substitute for the advice you receive from your doctor.

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    • The weight loss that comes with walking decreases the risks that ‘go along’ with obesity, the effects that steroids for lupus (and other autoimmune diseases) have on the joints. pulmonary side effects and general overall well-being. Once weight is somewhat decreased and muscle tone increased, more strenuous exercise can be added to the exercise regimen.

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