A little background here, but a just a little. I wasn’t aware until now that something I’d seen on the news that made me feel warm inside had become controversial. Apparently a contestant for Miss Colorado spoke about her passion for nursing in the talent competition-no bathing suit, but scrubs and a stethoscope.

Well, I thought, ‘how wonderful’ for when I practiced nursing, I felt so strongly that nurses should toot their own horns that I wrote articles in support of all that nurses do. Apparently, my beloved profession, which required so much knowledge and skill and I can practice no more, was trashed on “The View.”

Initially my reaction was vindictive, and “I’ll teach them,” “I’m was no handmaiden to the doctor,” “We’ll see about your bedpan!” Then, reality got to me, and I realized how teachable a moment this was. Teach Joy Behar that nurses are SO much more than “handmaidens” who borrow stethoscopes from physicians to look important. THEY USE THEM.”

This reminded me of an aritcle that I wrote years ago, entitled “Just a nurse.” I hope no one needs a nurse today, but if you do, they are there for you!

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